8 years strong!!

8 years strong!!

My Life

So much to write in so little space,so I will try to keep it short & simple! My life is pretty simple. Been married to my best friend for almost 8 years now!! We live in Jersey & Utah part time! He's the hardest working man I've ever known, who puts me and our kids first on his priority list! We have 4 beautiful kids, who are our pride and joys! We just love to spend all of our time together, and are always together!! except for when he has to work, other than that, it's just us!! We are very greatful for everything we've been blessed with. And know without God, nothing is possible!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby Kesaia


The baby of our family!! Kesaia has been raised by her grandma:) so we haven't gotten to know all her characteristics yet, but am excited to get back to New York, to get some bonding time with her! She's so pretty!! love her

Queen Leilani

I don't know where to start with this girl!!!lol She has every characteristic of a bridezilla??!! haha!! She knows what she wants, and will get what she wants..And if she doesn't get what she wants....let's just say, nobody will get rest! She's our oldest daughter, and quite a firecracker!!! But so much fun to be with!! She is 1 going on 16!!


Our little helper!! This boy is so independent!! He's 5 years old, but looks like a 6 year old:) he loves to eat junk food, so he's pretty much my clone! lol He also has a sweet heart just like his older brother!!Funny thing about Jonas, he's a crowd pleaser!! He's going to be an entertainer, I just know it!!!

The Leader of our family!!

Vili is our oldest child, and is the definition of a mama's boy!! He's the sweetest kid you will ever meet!! He has a big heart, and is very genuine! He's a very spoiled child, but he doesn't act like it!! I'm very blessed to be his mom!

Testing Testing!!

I'm trying to set up this blog!!!